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Basketball is more than just a game. At the Juice Hoops Foundation, we use basketball as a tool to teach perseverance and help individuals push through challenges & setbacks to achieve victory. Our youth basketball camps offer a fun and educational experience that can positively impact the lives of those who participate in them. We instill an array of values in participants such as teamwork, discipline, leadership, and other important life skills that can be applied on and off the court. These values are not only important in basketball, but also in life, making basketball a valuable activity for personal growth.
The foundation's community outreach program is designed to spread awareness and give access to safe and effective tools for those in need. Working together with our foundation partners,  we provide tools and resources for children with neuro-diverse learning needs. 
Our neurodiversity programs are curated to celebrate and support neurodivergent individuals through sports camps with a focus on promoting acceptance, understanding, and empowerment while also offering resources and aid for their families and caregivers. Participants have access to a variety of services tailored to unique needs including educational workshops, social skills training, sensory-friendly events, and employment assistance. Our goal is to foster a community that values neurodiversity and embraces the strengths and talents of every individual.
Education is a vital aspect of personal and societal development. We truly believe that education is a transformative force that can create a brighter future for individuals and their families. We aspire to build an online content hub that serves as a resource to parents, caregivers, teachers, and coaches of neurodivergent youth and young adults. Our hub includes curated information from existing Neurodiversity organizations as well as custom Juice Hoops Foundation created content that offers information and resources for utilizing sports and a disciplined sports mindset as the foundation for life practices that lead to increased health and wellness. The skills of athletic achievement is used as the lens to create practical application tips for helping young people overcome obstacles and thrive. (COMING SOON)

We believe in the power of basketball to bring positive change in the lives of underserved and neurodiverse youth and their families. Through our inclusive programs, we aim to instill confidence, teach life lessons, and foster relationships that lead to greater opportunities for all.


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