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About Us

We believe the ball should bounce the same for everyone and that education and access have the power to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality

Our Mission

To create inclusive and uplifting programs, services and experiences for underserved and neurodiverse youth and their families - leveraging basketball as the platform for instilling confidence, teaching life lessons, developing skills, and fostering relationships that lead to greater opportunity for all.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community where every young person, regardless of their background, feels valued, supported, and equipped with the tools to succeed. We envision a future where the transformative impact of our programs extends beyond the basketball court, fostering positive change and creating opportunities for a brighter and more inclusive society.

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Michael "Juice" Thompson


The Juice Hoops Foundation was founded by retired professional basketball player Michael “Juice” Thompson. A four-year starter and top-ranking record holder from Northwestern University, Juice went on to play professionally for twelve years across three continents resulting in a distinguished award-winning career including nine championships, multiple all-star games, a scoring title and a variety of sponsorship partnerships.


Despite Michael’s many accomplishments on the court he is most proud to be the father of two sons, one of whom has been diagnosed with Autism. This experience has led him to launch the Juice Hoops Foundation with the aim of empowering youth and making a positive impact on the lives of others.


To that end, the Juice Hoops Foundation provides underserved and neurodiverse people and groups with transformative and tailored programs aimed at improving access to opportunities for social and economic advancement. As a testament to Michael’s belief in the power of sports, the Foundation blends basketball, community involvement and education to offer a multi-focused approach to championing inclusivity and breaking down stigmas so that all people can achieve their dreams.

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